NT2 Training – Dutch as a Second Language for Private, corporate and expat use

For employers: Language in the work place

If you happen to be an employer who has non-Dutch employees in the work force, a language training at work may be of interest to you.
It would definitely benefit you to have smooth communication and good mutual work relations amongst your employees.
Language improvement and mutual understanding may contribute to that purpose.

Tailor-made Training Courses

Praktijk Bergkroon offers tailor-made language training courses

By means of an assessment interview, the language level can be determined and that way a suitable course sequel may be agreed upon, pinpointing clear feasible objectives, in accordance with the wishes of employer and employee.
Objectives may include: having conversations, being able to ask questions and improving report writing such as work overviews.

If you are interested,
please do not hesitate to contact us
for a free of charge consultation.

Individuals and Expats

  • Are you looking for a Dutch language training course for yourself or your partner?
  • Do you need any assistance for ‘new citizenship’ courses or courses for basic exam training abroad (inburgering)?
  • Do you want to improve your language skills or do you have special wishes concerning your work?

Praktijk Bergkroon can offer you a tailor-made training sequel. Beforehand, an assessment interview will determine level of proficiency and indicate objectives.

Lessons will be given as agreed, either on location, at your home, or any other place. Also, by means of Skype language support could be given.

The teacher: Petra Veltman

Having worked as a teacher NT2 (Dutch as a second language), Petra Veltman possesses 15 years of experience in teaching and producing language courses for Beginners Level as well as Advanced Level (0 till 82). Also teaching Courses on ‘Knowledge of our Dutch Society and Culture’ (KNM), lessons on ‘Orientation for the Netherlands Employee Market’ (ONA) and especially for you: tailor-made courses ‘Language at the work place’.

Are you interested in the kind of support Praktijk Bergkroon would be able to provide you with, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free assessment.