What is innerSpeak?

InnerSpeak is a method that was introduced worldwide by Jean Adrienne from America. InnerSpeak offers tools to get rid of old patterns, physical pain, fears and other obstacles that are in your way of enjoying life to the full.

It’s an easy and effective method that uses muscle-strength testing (Kinesiology). This helps you to communicate with your inner self. The answers you receive from your subconscious can be found in an elaborate manual that consists of 144 files. It’s possible to communicate directly with your inner self without the influence of thoughts or ego.

InnerSpeak discovers what is holding you back to go with the flow. With this effective method you can work on any part of your life that doesn’t go the way you want it to, for example relationships, money, health, fears or that strange feeling you just can’t put your finger on.

InnerSpeak helps you to be able to shine your light and it strengthens your true self.

What can you achieve with InnerSpeak?

  • learn to listen to your inner voice;
  • achieve your goals faster by getting rid of limiting obstacles;
  • heighten your state of consciousness;
  • heal your body, mind and spirit;
  • heal your wounds (that may come from previous lifetimes) by carefully observing your behaviour and relationships

InnerSpeak session

During a session we will be working one-on-one. Sitting on chairs we will be facing each other. There is also the possibility to lie on a table if that is more relaxing for the client.
A session takes about an hour. It is also possible to get a long distance session. Information about the session will be given by email/attached word document then. A session by Skype is also possible. For more information, please contact me by mail or phone.


Learn InnerSpeak yourself in a two-day-workshop! You will learn how to use the muscle test and how to work with the manual. At the end of the workshop you will be able to use InnerSpeak for yourself and others and you will have learned to do this long distance too. You’ll get an official certificate from Jean Adrienne that allows you to practise InnerSpeak yourself. It also gives you the possibility to enroll for a course by Jean Adrienne (worldwide). Jean’s workshop is in English and you can join several advanced courses.

Want to know more,
about InnerSpeak?

Workshop InnerSpeak at your own home

It is possible to have the workshop at your own home. The host or hostess is gratuitous and makes certain there’s a group of 6 persons minimum. There has to be plenty of room and peace and quiet so we can work undisturbed.