About Praktijk Bergkroon

Since January 2007 I have my own practice Bergkroon (Mountain Crown). I am also a mother, have 2 children and via many ways, work and life experiences, I developed myself in who I am right now. I also work as a teacher NT2 Dutch for foreigners and it is a privilege to work with people form all over the world, with different cultures, religions and habits. In 2010 I started working in Egypte to give private sessions, workshops and together with my sister Annemarie Veltman we organize spiritual trips and festivals in Egypt and in and around Cairo. I see myself as a tourguide who supports people, adults and the young ones, on their way to the top of their own mountain. Once you’re there, you put on your own crown and enjoy the magnificent view. The top can be reached through many different ways I give you tools to take your own wheel in your hands so you can be the change if you want so.

My road to inner harmony

Bergkroon helps people to regain and discover their own psychological strength. An individual’s own self-healing ability is most important in this process. Every person has the right to feel complete, balanced and in harmony. This inner harmony is sometimes disrupted by obstacles in our minds which hold us back on a conscious or subconscious level. Facing and breaking down these psychological barriers in different ways means a recovery of your own strength, a newly found peace of mind and fresh opportunities in life. Integrity, safety and respect are important starting points for Bergkroon.
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