Do you need coaching…?

A coach is just someone who hands you the tools and grips to empower you in finding your own way. Petra Veltman is both, coach and trainer. Petra teaches you methods and coaches you in making your own choices. She usually compares herself to a mountain guide who knows the various ways to the top and can assist you in finding the way that will suit you most. It is all about redefining your own path and the capability of removing blockages. Once you have reached the top, you definitely put the crown on your work by enjoying the great view!

This is how it works for you

Your coach hands you the tools to remove all sorts of blockages like for example spider phobia, ADHD, burn-out symptoms and fear of failure, (fear of) being bullied at school, concentration problems or psychomatic complaints. As a coach, Petra masters methods and techniques involving self-help methods like e.g. MatriXcoaching or The Emotion Code, psycho-physical training, NLP-techniques or, physically, performs pressure point massage or EFT. Together you will assess the approach best suited in your case.

Petra bij water
Petra portret
Petra Coach

Coaching with Petra Veltman…

I assist people in redefining or rediscovering their own power. Focus is on personal development and awareness of own vitality. To that purpose, I use my years of professional experience as a teacher of Dutch and also my own long search into courses and education with regard to Innerspeak, EFT, Rock and Water, Child coach, NLP and MatriXcoaching. I intend to hand you the tools to enable you to accept this self-challenge.