Your own approach is always the best!

Every person may feel more or less blocked at some point in life. On the one side the cause may be learning problems or low concentration, on the other side it may be caused by psychological suffering like in case of fear or anger. Whatever your challenge may be: coping with dyslexia, handling your fear of driving, or just liking yourself a little bit more: MatriXcoaching is the right thing for you because it will be your way to meet challenges. It often happens that changes are clearly felt by you after only 1-3 hours. Moreover, it is suitable for everyone and for all ages!

The concept of MatriXcoaching

You process and absorb information in a unique way. If you are skilled at doing so, it will come natural to you; if you are not handy at it, it will cause blockages and clutter your head. MatriXcoaching will teach you how to recover the information in your own way and thus ‘cleaning up’ the clutter in your head. By asking open questions, you will become aware of your own approach and way of thinking. You will start to understand the way you think and your approach, and you can therefore change it. This way you will discover better ways to remember things and apply them. You learn how to handle negative emotions and will remain in charge of your own fears and blockages.

Where shall we meet…in Groningen or at your home?

Where and with whom do we meet to ‘clean up’ your head? In Groningen, Garnwerd or at your home? If you are in need of individual coaching, you will have to come to my practice in Groningen or Garnwerd, or I drive my bus to your house and park in front of your door. So there is no real need for you to leave the house, while meantime we have a quiet spot at our disposal. But also if you happen to be a professional in care or in teaching in Groningen province and are looking for a course programme or workshop, we at MatriXcoaching may be of service. As a matter of fact, I apply MatriXcoaching in many different ways.

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