Emotion Code Sessions April 2017 Cairo

Get to the Core with The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is a self-help method that makes the complex simple.
American doctor Bradley Nelson developed this powerful method using his 25 years of work experience as a chiropractor.
Trapped and hidden emotions can cause your body and energy level to be out of balance. This can result in physical and psychological pain. The Emotion Code is
a powerful and simple way to get rid of all excess baggage, using a Kinesiology technique “muscle-strength testing” to identify hidden emotions.
Dr. Nelson’s most important discovery is that trapped and hidden emotions cause a “heartwall”, a blockage around the heart that hinders a person’s capability to give and receive love. The Emotion Code helps you dispose of this “heartwall” so you can realize a loving open-hearted connection with yourself and with everyone around you.
Thus enrich  your life and enjoy each and every moment to the fullest! The only thing you have to do is start with yourself!
How does it work?
During an one hour session we will be working one on one. Using muscle testing in combination with the Emotion Code Chart, you get answers straight from your subconscious without the influence of thoughts or ego. It is a direct and easy way to access the emotions. With a very simple technique, trapped and hidden emotions will be released right away.

You will feel free and much lighter of pain and suffering, both physically and emotionally.You can take your life back and enjoy a better health!  



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